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High Frequency, LED and Low Laser

March 9, 2010 @ 4:04 pm
posted by admin

HF-DPLRecently, I had a discussion with a group of estheticians on LED, High Frequency and Low Laser and the safety of combining those technologies into one treatment.  Below are the original phrases of our discussion.

Katse – From what I’ve read, there is no problem using all three, though LED and HF overlap in their abilities (combatting acne, anti-inflammatory, etc). Personally, I’d use LED over HF because it can penetrate deeper into the skin and the results are often more noticeable, but that would be a personal preference rather than anything scientific.

Charllene - Its good to know that there is no contraindication between HF and LED. I personally prefer HF over LED though, I can see results with one application of HF, the pimple dries out the next day and dies after 2 – 3 applications. I always have doubts about LED, does it really work for what it advertised? I was told that it took longer to see results on skin rejuvenation with LED Light Therapy than Ultrasound Treatments, it seems that the product penetration function of Ultrasound is really giving good effects on providing hydration to the skin, thus giving the skin a fresh look. Of course, it is my personal opinion also, I guess everybody reacts differently with macine treatents.

Katse – For treating an active acne lesion, like a pimple, HF does work faster, as it essentially zaps it to death. LED does work–it has been used medically and is only just getting into the spa industry. It’s a treatment that works from the inside out.

Here is a quick overview of the LED wavelengths and what they do:

  1. Red (640nm), for anti-aging and treatment of inflammation of the skin
  2. Blue (470nm), treatment of mild to moderate acne, affects P. acnes bacteria, stabilizes the secretion of sebum
  3. Yellow (580nm), treatment of mild to moderate acne, affects P. acnes bacteria. Penetrates deeper into the skin than Blue LED
  4. Green (535nm), minimizes melanin production, reduces pigmentation, calms inflammation and redness from exfoliation procedures, such as chemical peels

It’s hard to find green LED in North America, but it’s common in Asia. I have a handheld that does all 4 colours, and I love it. I’ve been using it for a year now. I had terrible acne after I had gall bladder surgery, and used the blue and yellow LED along with an antibiotic cream, and I saw results within a month, even though I was told that the cream alone would take 3 months to work. Green is great for rosacea, as is red, and both have been proven to help rosacea clients.

Skin rejuvenation always takes longer to see, because, as I mentioned, it works from the inside out. Ultrasound works from the outside in. LED affects parts that are living and not yet at the surface, whereas ultrasound helps remove the dead layers of skin cells to get to the newer layers beneath, and it helps vibrate all the debris out of pores to allow for better product penetration. Vibrate the debris out, then vibrate product in!

I think it’s great that we’re moving toward more treatments that work from the inside out. Results are not instantaneous, but they often last longer. And there is a retail possibility too, you could start selling handheld LED/Ultrasound/etc to clients that need to have “mini treatments” between seeing you at the spa. It’s always empowering to a client when they can help maintain their own treatments at home–and it helps them stick to a routine!

LED-Light Emitting Diodes. They’re, well, tiny super-powerful lightbulbs that are constructed to emit light at a certain wavelength of the visible spectrum (Infrared is not part of the visible spectrum, only the colours of the rainbow are: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, indigo, violet). Different wavelengths result in different effects on the skin.

Infrared, which is invisible, generates a lot of heat in the subcutaneous fat layer under the skin (it’s often used in slimming treatments or in saunas to generate heat that is not moist). It does not have any true action on the skin itself.

Ultraviolet, on the opposite end, comes from the sun and is damaging to the skin (as we all know).

Please do not confuse youself with LED and Low Laser.  LED is not low level laser. Laser is actually an acronym, like LED, and it means Light Amplification of Stimulated Emission of Radiation (I did a science fair project on them in school–I even built my own Laser ). It is not the same as LED, but it’s not exactly easy to explain either. But they are different.

Denise – I have used the blue, red and amber for several years. I am going to get the green soon. I LOVE using the red on clients with inflammed skin, it really calms it down. I sometimes use on my electrolysis clients to calm their skin too.

Denise – The combination of High Frequency and Blue LED is great for acne! The results are impressive and quick! I do like this approach. Zap it to disinfect then promote healing and reduce redness.

In conclusion, there is really no one single treatment does all, neither is there a technology better than the other. Our skin reacts differently from types of treatment, so choosing a right procedure is the key to have beautiful and healthy skin.

To find the latest in Professional Grade High Frequency Machine and LED Light Therapy as well as other Portable Facial Machines and Devices for all your skin concerns, please visit today!


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