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Galvanic Device & Its Benefits

August 1, 2010 @ 12:53 pm
posted by admin

What is Galvanic Current:
The galvanic machine converts the oscillating current received from an electrical outlet into a direct current. Electrons are then allowed to flow continuously in the same dirction. This creates a reflaxation response that can be regulated to target specific nerve endings in the epidermis.

Two Reactions Created by Galvanic Current:
Galvanic current is used to create two significant reactions in esthetics: chemical (disincrustation) and ionic (iontophoresis).
Disincrustation: Estheticians use disincrustation (anaphoresis) to facilitate deep pore cleansing. During this process, galvanic current is used to create a chemical reaction that emulsifies or liquefies sebum and debris. This treatment is very beneficial for oily or acne skin because it helps soften and relax the debris in the follicle for extractions.



Iontophoresis: is the process of introducing water-soluble products into the skin with an electric current. This process allows estheticians to transfer or penetrate ions of an applied solution into the deeper layers of the skin with the galvanic current.

What is Microcurrent and Its Uses in Esthetic:
Microcurrent therapy mimic the way the brain relays messages to the muscles. Considered a passive form of exercise, this therapeutic technique helps stimulate motor nerves to the point where a visiblecontraction of the muscles can be seen.
Many biological processes are associated with electrical impulses. Facial skin tone and muscles are all related to this system. As we age, impulses may slow down, causing the skin to sag. Muscles may not completely contract after use, such as in the case of sagging jowls (jaw muscles).
Microcurrent is reported to aid in the heling and repairing of tissue, and to influence metabolism and cellular activity. It works very gently and helps speed up the natural regenerative processes of the body, the results may be a more firm appearance and healthier skin.

How Are Our Galvanic Devices Related To Above Theory?
In both of 4-In-1 Galvanic Facial Massager & Galvanic Skincare System, the combination of Negative & Positive Ions: The energy of the ions attack the bacteria of the skin & strengthens the capability of cellular resistance. The mere contact of the hand with the two side sensors enables the device to emit ions during the treatment. Positive ions ease the absorption of the water-soluble substances. Infrared rays improve the circulation of the blood vessels & speed up metabolism. By increasing the temperature, they improve the circulation stimulating the production of collagen & elastin. Micro-massage strengthens the elasticity of the skin, rendering more toned & younger looking skin. Vibration stimulates deep inside tissues, accelerates metabolism, permeability of cell membranes & revives the cells.
Device Functions:
Cleansing: The galvanic current can facilitate deep pore cleansing by creating a chemical reaction that emulsifies sebum and debris in the follicle.
Massage function with impulse current and infrared: Recover the damage caused by ultraviolet radiation and capillary vessel dilatation. Accelerate skin metabolism and promote a healthier skin complexion.
Nutrient Penetration / Iontophoresis: a process which allows users to transfer or penetrate water-soluble product into the deeper layers of the skin with the mildest impulse current anode (+) and cathode (-).
Skin Lifting Funciton: Slight massage with micro-current, a safe, physiologic electric current which is already naturally produced in the human body can help facial toning and lifting, provide effective cellular healing and regeneration.

Feature Benefits:

  • provides a deep level of skin cleansing
  • diminish age spots and sun spots
  • improves skin texture and complexion
  • supplies moist and nutrient in the cellular level
  • accelerates the skins metabolism
  • diminish fine lines and wrinkles

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