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Why Ultrasound Treatment Needs Conductive Gel?

May 8, 2010 @ 4:04 pm
posted by admin

Ultrasound waves do not conduct well through air. They need a medium such as gels / liquid to produce an effect.

For product penetration, if the active ingredients you are using dries quickly or produces friction between the Ultrasound blade or Ultrasound head and skin, you might not get all the benefits of the Ultrasound effects due to a shortened treatment time. The best thing to do is after applying the active ingredients to the skin, add a bit of conductive gel to the skin surface and proceed with the treatment.

But if the product you are using already comes in a gel-form, you do not need to use a conductive gel. What makes Palacia Conductive Gels so different from others is that we are not only formulating a gel form product, but we are also putting active ingredients such as Hyaluronic Acid and E.G.F. into our conductive gels, it is really a 2 In 1 product that will simplify your Ultrasound Treatment.

Lets take a closer look at how those two active ingredients can be beneficial to our skin.  Hyaluronic Acid is a moisturizer with excellent water-binding capabilities occurs naturally in the dermis. The use of hyaluronic acid in our Conductive Gel provides an essentially greaseless result due to the much less need for lubricants and emollients in a formulation. In addition, it gives significant improvements on skin texture and softness. The most important thing to remember is that ultrasound waves needs a conductive medium through which to travel through.

While E.G.F. (Epidermal Growth Factor) also named Human Oligopeptide-1 is a Nobel Prize award subject for achieving younger, fresher looking skin. It is a chain of 53 amino acids folded to stimulate in a wide variety of epidermal and epithelial cell turnover. E.G.F. is great for use after sun exposure because it has wound healing effects, thus heals sun burn quickly.  Now it makes sense why professionals use E.G.F. after Chemical Peels, Laser Treatment, Microdermabrasion and more.

Unlike LED Therapy which works from the inside out. Ultrasound works from the outside in. LED affects parts that are living and not yet at the surface, whereas ultrasound helps remove the dead layers of skin cells to get to the newer layers beneath, and it helps vibrate all the debris out of pores to allow for better product penetration. Vibrate the debris out, then vibrate product in!

Skin-rejuvenation with Ultrasound is one of the most popular and recommended treatment in today’s facial spas.  With the conjunction of proper skincare products,  Ultrasound Treatment could be even more effective and requested.

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2 Responses to “Why Ultrasound Treatment Needs Conductive Gel?”

  1. rose says:

    I bought an ultrasound led face massager but no instructions as when to use the conductive gel ,before using the ion led or after just before using the sonic stage please??

    merci beaucoup.Rose.

    • admin says:

      Hi! Rose,
      Which model did you purchase?

      In general speaking, you will need to apply the conductive gel to a clean face first (I would suggest to use a brush to apply the gel to the skin), then turn the Ultrasound Massager power on and begin to massage the face in a circular motion (as shown in video). If your Ultrasound Massager comes with a LED Light, you may have the LED Light on the whole time along with the Ultrasound for a better skin rejuvenation treatment.

      Should you have other question, please do not hesitate to contact us again.

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